Dr Colin Miller - Vice-President

Colin was born and educated in Glasgow and qualified as a doctor in 1976. His postgraduate training was in anaesthetics and has mostly been in the central belt of Scotland. He spent a year in Hong Kong doing cardia-thoracic anaesthesia and was appointed as a consultant anaesthetist to Stobhill Hospital in 1990. His special interests are Intensive Care, dental anaesthesia for people with learning difficulties and anaesthesia for major gynaecoclogical cancer surgery. He was clinician in charge of the ICU at Stobhill for three years and also the President of the West of Scotland Society of Anaesthetists. Currently he is working as a theatre anaesthetist three days a week. He is happily married, has two children and two grandchildren I is fortunate to live in Glasgow which offers so many opportunities for exercising the mind and body… and tastebuds. Regrets, few, but wishes he had taken up sailing in my teens rather than in his forties! Now enjoying retirement and trying to catch up with projects and people from the past.