Prof. Adrian Bowman

Adrian Bowman is Emeritus Professor of Statistics in the University of Glasgow. He grew up in the seaside town of Prestwick in Scotland, followed by university education in Glasgow and Cambridge, in Mathematics and then Statistics. Adrian’s first academic job was in the University of Manchester but he subsequently moved to Glasgow, where most of his career has developed and where, prior to his retiral, he was Head of the School of Mathematics & Statistics.
His research interests have focused on building statistical models which have sufficient flexibility to deal with complex patterns which occur, for example, in data from environmental monitoring. He is also involved in developing models for shape, for example of the human face, which has multiple scientific and medical applications. Data visualisation and the graphical communication of uncertainty has also been a continual theme.
Adrian is a keen amateur musician. This expresses itself through playing viola in a church band and in other small groups, as well as in a variety of singing endeavours. In the summer months you may spot him paddling his sea kayak somewhere on the West Coast.