Making a materials difference to Green Energy (batteries included).

Professor Saiful Islam

Professor Saiful Islam

Saiful Islam is Professor of Materials Science at the University of Oxford. He grew up in London and obtained his Chemistry degree and PhD from University College London, followed by a Research Fellowship at the Eastman Kodak Labs, New York. He joined Oxford in 2022 after 16 years at the University of Bath.

Saiful presented the 2016 BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on the theme of energy and was awarded the 2022 Royal Society Hughes Medal. He is a Patron of Humanists UK and when not exploring new materials, he enjoys family breaks (as a dad of two), football, films and indie music.

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Twitter @SaifulChemistry

Lecture Summary

The supply of low carbon energy is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Major breakthroughs in clean energy technologies require advances in new materials and underpinning science. With the aid of 3D glasses, this talk describes the materials science of lithium batteries in electric vehicles and the novel compounds for next-generation solar cells, as well as highlighting the use of computer modelling to gain atomic-scale insights.

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