The impact of brain injury on vision: what does this teach us about how our minds see?

Professor Gordon Dutton

Wednesday 12 October

Professor Gordon Dutton
Professor of Visual Science, Glasgow Caledonian University

Professor Gordon Dutton was a Consultant Ophthalmologist in Glasgow for 25 years, initially as a Senior Lecturer,  then later as a paediatric ophthalmologist.  During this time, visual impairment resulting from brain injury became increasingly common, leading to his contributing to a series of clinical publications concerning this topic.

Our vision is created in our minds, and contributes fundamentally to our freedom of movement, search, recognition, and imagination.  Vision is so much a part of our everyday lives that we hardly give it a thought, but when brain injury or anomaly disturbs vision, the resulting unique patterns of visual experience can provide us with insights into its miraculous complexity. The remarkable stories of some of those affected, provide us with glimpses into the nature of human vision and will provide the basis for this talk.

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